Quality Assurance

The qualified and experienced staff team at M. Yould Plumbing and Heating Ltd. work to a strict code of practice and set of quality policies and procedures for quality assurance. We work to ensure our services consistently meet and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, as well as independent auditing authorities. 

We strive collectively and consistently to ensure we are achieving high levels of quality assurance. We do this through the following levels of responsibility:


Trusted, qualified and professional workers who are individually responsible for the quality of their work

Always working to maintain company policy and procedure, which is part of their employment terms. Workers are fully supported by colleagues and managers during working hours.

Workers are supervised by on-site contracts managers to ensure continual improvement of installations and operations through auditing and regular ‘toolbox talks’.

The onsite contracts managers also work to overcome any obstacles, liaise with customers, as well as maintaining high levels of efficiency and safety.

Once installation is complete, our separate Benchmark Division visit the property to complete a final commission, checking and testing all aspects of the work.


All completed works are then handed over to our dedicated and friendly customer care department for any problem-solving, maintenance or support needs that may arise.


The Managing Director retains overall responsibility for the quality assurance system, ensuring it is reviewed regularly for effectiveness and implemented at all times by the staff team.

Not only does our approach ensure high levels of quality assurance for our customers, it also ensures we are compliant with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

We are continually looking for new ways to progress and improve our services. We welcome any feedback you may have, please do let us know via our customer care team. 

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